.CAM promotion February 15th 2020 – August 15th 2020

Lights .CAMera, Action!

.CAM Registry is offering a great discount between February 15th and August 15th for the interested registrars. We will charge you only $1.25 as long as you resell .CAM domains for a maximum of $2.50 (or EUR equivalent, VAT exclusive) to your customer base.

The promotion is valid only for the first year of registration, does not affect premium names or renewal pricing and it is subject to an additional agreement signing.
Any registrar currently offering .CAM (or registrars interested to offer .CAM) can get more details and discuss additional agreement signing with Andrei Dumitriu (andy@nic.cam), Technical & Business Development Manager at .CAM Registry or by filling out the form below.

We are always doing our best in trying to engage the registrar channel by offering promotions that will entice the customer base even more. For promotional purposes, .CAM logos in different formats and 2 colors can be found in the CentralNIC registrar backend under Graphics By Extension section.

If you have not signed the .CAM RRA log into your CentralNic Registrar Console today!

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