.cam makes its mark at ICANN 78 Annual General Meeting in Hamburg

The ICANN 78 Annual General Meeting held in Hamburg between 21st and 265th October 2023 proved to be an interesting experience for the .cam team. With advancements in internet technology and the constant demand for innovative domain extensions, the .cam team seized the opportunity to meet and talk with existing and prospective partners from the registrars reseller channel or outside of it.
ICANN78 also marked the organization’s 25th Annual General Meeting, thus making it a reason to celebrate together with all ICANN fellows and contracted parties.
The presence of the .cam team at the ICANN 78 Annual General Meeting in Hamburg was not just to promote their domain extension but also to engage with industry experts, advocates, and policy makers. Their key objectives included:

  1. Networking and Collaboration: ICANN meetings provide an ideal platform for fostering meaningful connections with key stakeholders, including registrars, registries, and fellow gTLD operators. The .cam team utilized networking sessions and social events to initiate conversations, explore potential partnerships, and identify opportunities for collaboration.
  2. Policy Awareness: The ICANN community plays an integral role in shaping internet policies and rules. By participating various discussions and meetings brought us valuable insights on emerging trends, challenges, and best practices, as the .cam team aims to contribute to the establishment of policies that would support the growth and development of the new gTLD space, now and possibly in the next round of gTLD’s in 2026.

The ICANN 78 Annual General Meeting in Hamburg marked a significant milestone for the .cam gTLD. By effectively showcasing the potential of their unique extension to a global audience, the .cam team tried to create awareness among industry professionals, existing and new registrars, fostering valuable connections. The participation and initiatives brought them closer to establishing .cam as a reputable and valued gTLD, and further solidified their commitment to serving this industry in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

You can see below some photos from the event in Hamburg!

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